How To Cut Out An Image

Option 1: Magic Wand Tool cut 3
This option can only be used on the most simple pictures, with only very view different background colors or a simple gradient background.
Simple click “W” to open the Magic Wand Tool, then click on the background. You will see a selection, if you are happy with the area that is selected, simple press “Delete” on you keyboard.
cut 1 cut 2
When using the “Magic Wand Toolcut 3, be sure you set the “Tolerance” higher or lower depending on how much colors you would like to select.
cut 4

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Option 2: Magnetic Lasso Tool cut 5 Pen Tool cut 14
This can be used on a lot more pictures but still it is better if you can see a good color difference between the object you would like to cut out and the background.
Press “L” to open the Magnetic Lasso Tool cut 5 and click around the object you would like to cut out.
cut 6 cut 7
The Magnetic Lasso Tool will help you create the line. Just play with it to see how the Magnetic Lasso Tool works.
After you have selected the object press “CTRL +SHIFT +  i” to reverse the selection.
cut 8 cut 9jpg
Now press “Delete” on you keyboard.
cut 10
This option is the same with the Pen Tool and the normal Lasso Tool, but the Magnetic Lasso Tool is helping you a little bit. You need some practise when you use the Pen Tool.

Option 3:
Quick Mask cut 13
To use Quick Mask Mode press “Q” or click the Quick Mask Icon . Then press “B” to open the Brush Tool.
Now color in the object you would like to cut out.
cut 12
Now click “Q” again or click the Edit In Standard Mode cut 11 icon.
You will now see a selection around the painted object. Press “Delete” on your keyboard to delete the background.
cut 15 cut 16

I know there are more ways to cut out an object or picture, but these are the most common ways to do this.
Maybe some of you are now thinking why is his background white when he delete the background.
This is because i used a white background layer below the picture i am editing.
cut 17
Thank you for reading.