how to make a sparkley picture in photo shop

so your thinking oh i like that i wonder how on earth they make them it must be soooooo hard

well its sort of easy ish to make 

when you know how

ok so you know how to add new brushs

youll need a star one


easily found on the net heres one i used

down load and open with winzip ect insert ito your brush folder ** how to  on this page down there* POINTS TO OTHER PHOTO SHOP POSTS

 the free scrap book kit i used was

 from this great site full of free bits and bobs

  when you down load her stuff youll need to open a free account with but its easy and quick


 so take a picture you like  and duplicate it 3 times

on each picture add white stars  in differant areas  you'd like a little bling added to 



arrange around to were you want them


merge all your scraps into one layer


duplicate 3 times


now leave open 1 picture background

and 1 scrap collage layer

and merge visible this will combine them


do this with each of the 3 duplicated layers


till your left with just 3 layers


now save each layer as a .png


follow the steps for making a gif in photo shop and up load to your fav site 


sit back sip a cup of tea munch on a chocolate biscuit and think wow i made that :)))