second life stuff animated gifs

start here

if you want to do words or down load a animated gif from the internet

save to your pc the word you make

its a good site as you can change the font and colour

||||| if your handy with photo shop you can edit out stupid website tags *sheesh*  and remove back grounds ||||

open up your saved gif

 I use Gif2SLA, a free Gif to Second Life Animation convertor program by Gomer Maltz

Select the Transparency Option so the background will remain removed, and your converted GIF will appear:

The resulting file name contains codes that will affect the how the converted GIF plays in Second Life.

 this will save your gif in a image texture format for second life so you can up load it it normally has all the gif frames on the one texture

ok heres the fun bit

make a translucent prim

insert your uploaded gif texture and insert this free script

this script - Please use this link to get this script. Copy and Paste does not work well when lsl scripts include embedded HTML. If you see all the code on one long line, please use Wordpad or another editor, such as LSLEdit.exe.

and watch your play in word

link to lots of free second life scripts