Firestorm Q&A Meeting Summary

so i noticed a info on the sign in page of my firestorm second life viewer

and went to have a look oh dear im not very savvy with viewer changes talk but thew jist i got is
for the next few months firestorm is going to be shit .........ok they didnt say shit they said to expect problems whilst they are trying to fix some code

On Wednesday we had a lengthy Question and Answer meeting with as many people as could fit into a region. We explained that our current internal code is quite unstable after merging with LL’s latest release code and we expect things to get worse once we merge in Server Side Baking  (SSB) code. The main point is that we are faced with some big challenges and expect we will have to release SSB before our viewer code has reached our stability standards or passed our Quality Assurance testing. This is because we are on the clock with this one and once LL flips the switch for SSB you will all need a viewer that has SSB capability, else avatars everywhere may look like this.


A great deal more was also discussed; for a full summary of the Q&A, Inara Pey’s BLOG and Nalates Urriah’s BLOG  both have very well written summaries and I highly encourage you to have a read from them, as well please send your friends to read them too. The next few months are going to be rough and it’ll be good for everyone if folks understood why.
Pantera Polnocy was kind enough to record the meeting on video, you can watch that here. (it starts around 16 minutes in). We hope to have a text transcript within a few days for the hearing impaired.
Good things are coming and the destination looks very promising, but the journey may be a long and rough ride.
Jessica Lyon
Project Manager
The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc