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the Non-Profit Newborn Adoption Center is sponsored by Daisy Shop in Second Life.
With this purchase you will receive Baby Laura (the prim baby displayed on picture).
Visit our center where are 48 more babies to choose from! All are free for adoption.
Information Guide

Adoption of a baby is a very important step in your Second Life, and we tried to do our best for you to have a nice Second Life parenting experience. For any information/question please IM me (Paty Paule)
Thank you
Because babies are over 8 weeks old, they have already their own name.
Baby is full body animated, animated face (close/open eyes), realistic baby sounds, 6 binkies, 24 hats and 24 costumes.
You can also hold the baby if wearing him.
(Can teleport with your baby because holding animation will not be messed)
Visit all our babies available for adoption inworld here:
Your baby come with 24 hats, 24 costumes and 6 binkies
Click mouth of baby, a menu will come:
Options (set permissions)
Textures (for select a pacifier design of 6 models or click "No Binky" for take it off)
Each new parent will receive free updates every time when are available.
Would you like to change hat or clothes?
Then click diaper prim, a menu will come:
Clothes (where you can choose a costume or press "Diapers" for take costume off)
Hat (for change hats and also click "No hat" for take it off)
For hug your baby, wear it and a -hold your baby animation- will start.
Thats is! Have fun with your little one :)
With love,
Paty Paule & JeanPaul Andel

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