Advent Calendar Gifts 2013

The following are stores that give out one gift each day until Christmas

22769 – Casual Couture - Flagship Store   12 Days of Christmas (Starts 12/12/13)
Abranimations   Advent – Free
Advent Courtyard  Touch the Advent Calendar and receive a landmark to collect that day’s gift
Aileen’s Shabby Chic   Advent – Free
Akaesha   Advent – (Group Only, Free to Join) - Free to Group Members
ALB Fashion Dream   Advent – Free
Alice Project   Advent – Free
AMT   Advent – Free
Artistry by ~E~   Christmas Countdown – Free
Aspen   Advent – Free
Baby Monkey Shoes   12 Day of Christmas (Group Only, *$250L* Join Fee) – Free to Group Members
[][] beach street [][] home and garden   Advent – Free
Beyond the Mists   Advent – Free
By Jove   Advent – Free
Celtic Wolf   Advent – Free
CERO Style   Advent – Free
Charisma’s Designs   Advent (Group Only, Free to Join) – Free for Group Members, There will also be a parcel wide gift hunt which is open and free to all.
CHOP ZUEY   12 Days of Christmas (Group Only, *$350L* Join Fee) – Free to Group Members – Starts 12/13/13
CHOP ZUEY   12 Days of Christmas – Free  – Starts 12/13/13 – Chop Zuey has 3 gifts each day.  One gift for male members, one gift for female members, and one gift for non-group members.
[CIRCA] Living   Advent (Group Only, *$1L* Join Fee) - $1L – $50L for Group Members
DeVicious   Advent ($0L – $99L) One $0L item weekly, once available, all items will remain available until 12/27/2013
DMC – DarkMoon Creations   Advent – Free (Accepting donations for UNICEF)
Dragonheart Designs   Advent – Free
Drama Libre  Advent – Free
Dressed by Lexi   12 Days of Christmas Hunt  (Group Only, Free Join) – $10L for Group Members
Dulce Secrets   Advent *$1L* Daily
EMO-tions   Advent (Group Only, Free to Join)
:: envi ::   Piercings   Hunt Items added each day for 7 days – from Dec 1-9th
Eternal Dream Poses  Advent (Group only, *$150L* Join Fee) – Free to Group Members, $10L each day for persons not in the store group
Fab-Fae   Advent – Free
Fab-Fae Petites   12 Days of Christmas – Starts 12/12/13 – Free
Fairy Unique Designs   Advent – Free
FallnAngel Creations   Lucky Advent – Free (If your letter is on the board that day, you get the prize!  A different letter each day.) There are multiple Holiday prizes @ FallnAngel.  There is a Landmark giver on site that will provide you with all of the locations in the shop.
Forest Mall   Advent – Free
FORMANAILS   Advent – Free
freebiecosmos   Advent (Group Only, Free to Join) – Free for Group Members
Gatsby’s   Advent – Free
Ginza Jewelry Kohime   Advent – Free
Grumble   12 Days of Christmas  – Free  (Starts 12/12/13)
*~*HopScotch*~*   Advent ($1L Daily)
:.::Hot Stuff::.:   Advent (Group Only, *$50L* Join Fee)
Hunt & Hunter Resource Center   Advent ($1L daily)
.::IM CaPPed::.   12 Days of Christmas – Free – Starts 12/13/2013
Isis Boutique   Advent – Free
JCNY   Advent – Free
JFC Bikes   Advent – Free
.+*+. Kamiri .+*+.   Advent (Group Only, Free to Join) – Free to Group Members
KittyCats   Advent – Free
::Krystal::: & Kouse’s Sanctum   Advent ($10 – $40L Daily)
LA Designs   Advent – Free
~Lantian Flox~   Advent – Free
Larnia Kids   Advent ($0L – $50L Daily)
LaRosa     Christmas Calendar - Free
LC Fashions   Advent Tree – Free
LeCock   Advent – Free
Leri Miles Designs   Advent ($0L – $100L Daily)
Loordes of London   Advent – Free
Luziefee Mainstore  Advent – Free
MadPea Mad City Christmas  Advent Mini Hunt – Free  Each day, there will be a new puzzle or riddle to solve to find the gift created by amazing creators that has been hidden on our Mad City Christmas Sim.

Mieville Christkindlmarkt!  Advent – Free
Miss Darcy   12 Days of Christmas – Free
Monastery   Advent – Free
Moonstar   Advent – Free
Mrs Santa Christmas Market   Advent – Free  A gift from a different vendor daily.  Grab them from the market stalls.
++MRSTYLE++   Advent – Free
needful PIXEL   Advent – Free
Nerdy Girl   Daily Gift from 12/14 – 12/25
Picture This!   Advent – Free
Pillows &Things   Advent ($25L daily)
The Refuge   Advent Hunt – Free – Just find the day’s bear to claim your gift.
Ruxy’s   Advent – Free
Shanti Bohemian    Advent – Free
Skye Qi’s Vintage Apparel   Advent – Free (May purchase missed items at a discount)
*Soulglitter*    Advent Wishlist (Group Only, Free to Join)  One person daily will win their choice of an item.  Write a nice letter to Santa, be creative! Include your wishes from the *Soulglitter* store (up to 3 items)  Rename the notecard with your SL name. Drop your notecard in the Santa Mail Snail at *Soulglitter*.
StoraxTree   Advent – Free
Strange World Community   Advent – Free
Sway’s   Advent – Free
~*Sweet Revolutions*~   Advent Gift Hunt Daily – Free
Timeless Textures  Advent - Free
Tw@ttyC@ke  Advent – Free
Twisted Trinkets   Advent - Free
The Vamp Realm   Advent – Free
USC Textures   Advent – Free
Virtual Impressions   Advent (Group Only, Free to Join) – Free for Group Members
Viviane Fashion   Advent – Free
Wildz Creations & Pimp Daddy’s Christmas Shoppe   Advent – Free
Yasum Designs   Advent (Group Only, Free to Join) – Free to Group Members