easy like a sunday morning

thought id have a little dabble in a hunt today but couldnt seem to find any that i liked or that werent chargeing over 5ls for a prize

i know 5ls is not a lot
but when your collecting 50 prizes is does add up

i can understand that creators want to charge for there hard work

but if i dont see a picture
im not going to buy your box
and hunts are a great way to bring people to see your buisness

many a time ive gone for the hunt but thought ooo i like this place and gone back to buy things that caught my eye

okies so what did i see today

i picked up this box in a shop

A Steampunk X-mas Hunt Gift for 1ls

Nuka Demain  .::: Owner - Dreamscape Wedding Design :::.


and inside was
and picture frame

what a bargain and its really nice

lots of stuff in her shop to for weddings and invites to partys........nice shop


other gifts in the picture are from

Dates: Dec 21 – Jan 15
Type: Faire or Event
Region Rating: Adult
Stations: An ever expanding number
Theme: Second Life’s brightest talent from the fields of erotic fashion, captivating animation and a plethora of decadent designers in a month long holiday event.
“Stroker’s SeXpo” will be presented in a brand new build recently completed specifically for this event. The sim’s layout categorizes the shops and displays into four primary classifications; Fashion, Furniture, Fantasy and Farrago. The quadrants are lined along alleys and avenues created with a whimsical steampunk appeal. Stroker has called upon his ten years of event planning and execution to provide a environment that is sure to please the most critical among us.
Some of the activities planned during the monthlong gala are a sim wide hunt entitled “The Panty Raid”, several moderated discussion groups, all culminating in a black tie affair entitled “Strokerz Ball”.

my favs

a great free fire place from Lionna Dumouriez

with a few clicks you can rez decorations and candles

my fav was a free gift from Sera Lok naughty mistletoe mat

jumped on smooch smmoch .....click click ............ooooooooo.....we started kissing in positions

that would  make your granny scream

some free mesh hair in black from  Nena Easterwood Owner of Divalicious Designs: Shapes & Skins


hunt pj's and slippers for male and female from    AngelEyes Foxtrot

Beautiful Dangerous