Advents 2014

22769 - 12 Days of Christmas - $0L(Starts 12/12/14)

7 Deadly Skins   Advent - $0L (Group Only, *$2L* Join Fee) ( Non-Group Members can buy the gift for $50L)

Aaron's Kitty Store - $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

Abranimations   Advent - $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

Akaesha Designs   Advent - $0L

ALB Fashion Dream   Advent - $0L (Group Only, *$300L* Join Fee)

Alli & Ali Hair   Advent - $0L

Alli & Ali Hair   Advent - $0L

Alice Project   Advent - $0L (There is one gift for the general public and one gift for VIP members.  VIP Group Join Fee is *$750*)

Alice Project   Advent - $0L (There is one gift for the general public and one gift for VIP members.  VIP Group Join Fee is *$750*) *Second Location*

AMD & AMT   Advent - $0L

Baby Monkey   Advent Stockings - $1L each (refunded immediately)

The Beautiful Ones   Advent - $10L or $0L for Group Members (*$0L Join Fee)

Badoura Design   Advent Mini Hunt - $0L (One gift each Sunday starting 11/30.)

La Boheme   Weekly Gift - $0L (New Gift on 12/1, 12/8, 12/15, &12/22)

Celtic Wolf   Advent - $0L

CERO Style   Advent - $0L

CHOP ZUEY   12 Days of Christmas - $0L (Gifts for non-Group Members)

CHOP ZUEY   12 Days of Christmas - $0L (Group Only, *$350L* Join Fee)

[CIRCA] Living   Advent - $1L to $50L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

Cleo Designs   Advent - $0L

CoLab Kit Laboratory   Advent - $25L (The CoLab will run a  Christmas Advent Calendar with 1-3 kits for each day of December from 1-24. Each day is assigned to a different member and be made available for sale in the CoLab members shop.  You can get the landmarks to the shops at the CoLab Kit Laboratory.)

Cosmopolitan   Advent Event 2014 - $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

crow   12 Days of Christmas - $25L (Starts 12/14/14)

DMC - DarkMoon Creations   Advent - $0L (Accepting donations for UNICEF)

Drama Libre   Advent - $0L

Dulce Secrets   12 Days of Christmas - $1L

EED - Exquisite Eye Decor   Advent - $35L

Entice   Advent - $0L

Eternal Dream   Advent - $10L each (Free for Group Members, *$200L* Join Fee)

Faboo   7 Days of 7 Shorts - $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

FallnAngel Creations   Advent - $0L (There are multiple Holiday gifts at Falln.  You'll need to wander around to get them all.)

Fierce Designs   Advent - $0L

Flowerdreams   12 Days of Christmas - $10L (Starts 12/12/14)

Forest Mall   Advent - $0L

Forest Mall   Advent - $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

FORMANAILS   Advent - $0L

freebiecosmos   Advent - $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

FUD - Fairy Unique Designs   Advent - $0L

Grumble   12 Days of Grumble - $0L (Group Only, *$50L* Join Fee) (12/01/14 through 12/12/14)

Helping Haven   Advent - $0L

Hibiscus Hastings   Advent - $0L

Huggin Songr   Advent - $0L

.::IM CaPPed::.   12 Days of Christmas - $0L (Starts 12/14/14)

Immortals   Advent - $0L

Impertinences   Advent - $0L

Isis Boutique   Advent - $0L

Kamiri   Advent - $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

KittyCats   Advent - $0L

Kouse's Sanctum   Advent - $25L

Krystal   Advent - $10L

LA Designs   Advent - $0L

~Lantian Flox~   Advent - $0L (Past days gifts available for under $50L)

Larnia Kids   Advent - $0L

LeCock   Advent - $0L (Mens stuff)

Les Petits Mousses   Advent - $0L

Lipwear   Advent - $0L

Loordes of London   Advent - $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

Lyrical Bizarre Templates   Advent - $0L (Group Only, *$50L* Join Fee)(Starts 12/3/14)

The Mad Hattery   Advent - $25L each

Mad Pea   Advent Hunt - $100L for the Hunt HUD

Mattie Rae's Textures   12 Days of Christmas - $25L each

The Mieville Thames River Frost Fair   Advent (and Mini-Hunt) - $0L

Monastery   Advent - $0L

Moonstar   Advent - $0L

Mrs. Santa Christmas Market    Advent Hunt - $0L
In each stall you will find a CHRISTMAS BAUBLE WITH A DATE ON IT. These baubles are part of the Hunt. From 11/28 through 12/7,  there will be one gift available each day. From 12/8 through 12/24 there will be TWO GIFTS per day. Find the bauble(s) with  that day's date and click it to receive your gift!

{NaYu} Design   Advent - $0L

*N*B* Gestenshop  Advent - $0L

needful PIXEL   Advent - $0L

OPAL   12 Days of Christmas - $0L (Group Only, *$50L* Join Fee)

Parfum de Cristal   Advent - $0L

Purple Candy   Advent - $0L

The Retreat   Advent - $0L

Roots & Wings   Advent $0L

SG Weaponry   Advent - $0L (Group Only, *$50L* Join Fee)

Skye Qi   Advent - $0L

Sogno Christmas Market & Village - $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

Stone's Works   Advent - $25L - $75L each

StoraxTree   Advent - $5L each

Sway's   Advent - $0L

~*Sweet Revolutions*~   Advent Gift Hunt Daily - $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

T&K Designs   Advent - $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)

Timeless Textures  Advent - $0L (Also grab the free random daily gift)

A Touch of Magic   Advent - $1L each

United IrishCon   Advent - $0L

TheVampRealm    Advent - $0L

The Vintage Touch - 12/18 through 12/25 - $0L (Group Only, $0L Join Fee)

Virtual Impressions   Advent - $0L (Group Only, $0L Join Fee)

Virtual Textures   Advent - $0L (Group Only *$0L* Join Fee)

WEIB Special Sale Room   Advent - $0L

Wikked Islands Shopping   Advent - $0L

Wildz Creations   Advent - $0L

X-Clusives Animations   Advent - $0L

Yasum Design   Advent - $0L (Group Only, $0L Join Fee)

You can grab a copy of this list from the giant sign on the barn wall, should you need a copy in world.