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Yule, or Winter Solstice,
 is the longest night and shortest day of the year.
 Every year on 12/21 we celebrate the arrival of winter in the northern hemisphere, and begin our turn toward the sun. Days grow longer beginning December 22nd...

 and in Earth-based traditions this is a time of hope and preparation. 

The magic of Yule is that of rejuvenation, planning, and releasing what no longer serves so we carry into the New Year only what we need in order to manifest our soul’s purpose and our most blissful, goddess life. Our Ritual work begins to focus on releasing the darkness so we can engage total transformation – whatever that looks like for you. 

The Winter Solstice is the perfect time for reflection , the darkness begs us to begin our journey inward...

While you reflect on the past twelve months , ask yourself:
  • What am I celebrating? What went really good?
  • What am I releasing? What did not go as I had hoped?
  • What am I consciously calling in for 201 5 ?
  • What will increase my quality of life?
  • What will expand my happiness?

In the middle of winter, it’s hard to remember at times that the light is coming back. However, despite the gray, cloudy days, we know that soon, the sun will return. Keep this in mind during those dreary days when it seems winter will never end, by invoking the four classical elements.

As the earth grows colder,

the winds blow faster,

the fire dwindles smaller,

and the rains fall harder,

let the light of the sun 

find its way home.

Some Best Practices For 
The Winter Solstice & Yuletide Season:
  1. Get out in nature. Take a drive through the country where blankets of snow cover the fields undisturbed, or if you live in an urban area, visit a park. Appreciate the cooler weather wherever you are, take some deep breaths in of fresh air then exhale any negativity that you might be holding inside. Pick up some holly, mistletoe or other evergreens to decorate your home and/or altar.
  2. Identify where you lack balance in your life. The Winter Solstice is an ideal time to ask Spirit to show you the way. Reflect on the interconnectedness of everything; nature, people, animals, the waterways, the land and everything that grows from the ground…the universe.
  3. Don’t try to accomplish everything in one day, do as much as you can and save the rest for another day. Ask for help when you need it. This is a time of cheer, family, friends and good will.
  4. Set up a Yule tree and perhaps even make some handmade decorations. Red and green are appropriate colors for the Winter Solstice, but consider using gold or yellow as a symbol of the sun’s heat and light.
  5. Eat seasonal foods. Bake or buy cookies in a round shape to represent the sun. Baked winter squash with butter and cinnamon is an appropriate vegetable for the Winter Solstice ritual. Drink warm cider with cinnamon sticks in the mug. Yummy and cozy!
  6. Adorn your Divine Feminine Altar with Yule decorations and colors, get my suggestions here.
  7. Laugh loud and often – especially at yourself! This is a crazy, busy time of year, you’re bound to have a mishap or screw up along the way. Keep it light, laughter is the best medicine.
  8. Get your home ready for the Winter Solstice and Yule by doing a Sacred House Cleaning Ritual to remove any stagnant or negative energy and start the New Year with a sparkly clean slate.
  9. Open the drapes and window coverings. Natural light is a natural anti-depressant. Besides, letting in the light is a great way to encourage the birth of the sun.
  10. Take some time EVERYDAY to do something nice for yourself. Some suggestions are a long, hot, candle-lit bubble bath, enjoying a glass of wine while reading a book, or a naughty afternoon cat nap - anything that makes you feel juicy!