new stuff ............just 10ls on market place MAY MADNESS *or maybe not*



sorry i had to take this item off marketplace

the mesh shoe maker complained about terms of service ..............
i was selling the shoes for to low a price
 and i had paid half the price with a friend  for them to be purchased from the creator and thats not allowed

  (which i totally was unaware of  and its never been told to me before about full perm mesh items)

except once when i was told i could use the textures supplied with the object
or sell the item full perm to someone else

 and i don't fancy a law suit *yes they happen in virtual worlds*
sorry about that
deleted and destroyed

and  im not re buying them for my sole use
and im not going to charge a fortune 
id rather sell a item lower and sell many
than sell a item for a huge price and sell none

 take care n stay safe >dem