Friday, 24 March 2017

just keep walking

"At times, the path rises up before you, clear as day. And you walk with a stride, long and confident. A bounce underneath your feet and a crystal-like sparkle to your gaze. Lifted, inspired, and buoyant.

“Watch me,” as your mantra.

"At other times, the path disappears behind winding hills, leaving you with a foggy vision and no sense of the vast horizon that once called you on. You walk with a stride, timid and unsure. Feet swollen, and a dark, clouded opacity to your gaze. Weighted, confused, and heavy. “Please. Don’t watch me,” as your mantra.

"But what you don’t see in the mist, my love, is that another seeker just sat down on a rock two steps from where you are. And another laid down in a pile of drying leaves off to the left of your tired shoulder. And another put his forehead to the dirt where you just slept a meagre few hours before. And another, in five minutes (at the exact same time as you) will open her mouth to the sky in an attempt to catch the raindrops that begin to descend. On you both."






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