Today I remember.

There has been radio silence on my end because, to be honest, life is HEAVY right now. 

 all my demons have decided to come out and play.

Ah, this crazy beautiful mind of mine. 

There is so much power in vulnerability and how we honor the range of our emotions.  

 I used to apologize for my sensitivity, rage, passion, potency and particularities  

but now?

Now I own them.

I honor them.

I give them space to be.

These aspects of myself have made me who I am-- they ARE who I am.

I'm learning to trust the process, to trust these periods of silence and shadow; ebb and flow.

I'm also learning to trust in myself, and all that I've created. Loving myself is and always will be a lifelong process but trusting myself isn't just necessary, it's survival and I trust myself and my abilities undoubtedly.

I become so frantic sometimes that I lose sight of the elemental force I AM.